Xiqiao National Arts Studio

The Xiqiao National Arts Studio is located at Foshan in Guangdong city and grand opening in 2015. NA Studio has owned the world unique panoramic building, including Kowloon Walled City, Palace, The Mansion, The Yamen, The Hong Kong Street, Shanghai Street. Besides, The ancient painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” and The Jiangnan Water Town will be developed in the future.

National Arts Studio is contained various functional facilities such a holistic film shooting base, an impeccable hotel and delightful attractions, hence the studio is developing the theme park and performance venue. NA Group has frequently launched diversity tour and travel package, which attracted considerable visitors from all around the world. The Group has become a national vacation park in Guangdong city that is growing stabilizing and long-standing.

Movie Shooting

The movie shooting base, one of the core projects of "Xiqiao National Arts Studio", is the most authentic, meticulous and well-equipped one in southern China. The shooting base covers an area of ​​374,000 square meters, including lake water features and a number of outdoor and indoor shooting scenes which provide various and practical scenes for companies from mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas, including the Palace, Old Shanghai Street, Kowloon Walled City, Slum Area and Shanghai Ming Qing Palace and that Qing-Ming Festival Riverside Scene and Water Town of Southern China will be provided in the future.

With a wealth of scene selection, unique and superior geographical location and pleasant climate, "Xiqiao National Arts Studio" attracts a number of film and television production teams from mainland China and Hong Kong. Our well-equipped studio also provides rich scene selection for indoor shooting teams.

To provide high quality props, costumes and high-tech shooting equipment, our Group has also signed the agreement with the professional film shooting equipment company, offering more professional services to production teams.

Wedding photography

To attract new couples to take wedding photos in the Studio, the Group cooperates with the well-known domestic wedding photography group and provides more than 13,000 square meters shooting area.

Wedding photography services of the Group bring stable cash and people flow, which greatly drive the room booking and catering business of the hotel. The Group also plans to negotiate with a number of famous jewelry companies, Chinese and western cake companies, Chinese skirts and wedding coordination companies and so on to create a comprehensive and attractive wedding destination, providing one-stop service for customers.