Movie Production

The Group has invested and participated in a number of movie productions, including commercial movies, philanthropic movies and network movies, which are displayed on major cinemas and the Internet.

"The Legend is Born - Ip Man" was the closing film of China New Film Show in the thirteenth Shanghai International Film Festival. Ye Zhun, the son of Ye Wen won the Best Male Supporting Actor Award by this film in the Festival. The " Ip Man: The Final Fight ", which was invested by the Group, was selected as the opening film of the "Hong Kong International Film Festival" in 2013 and the recommended film in the "20th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award". The "Golden Brother" also won the Best Small and Medium Cost Film Award in the “European Union Film Festival”, which are encouraging.

In addition to the movie, the Group has also developed and invested in shooting the domestic TV series "聖男盛女" and the network drama "虎爸潛伏記", the theme of which caters to the public taste and is highly praised.

In the future, we will continue to promote outstanding film producers and actors and produce more meaningful works to contribute to the Hong Kong movie industry.