Travel Business

National Arts Travel has been officially operated since 2016. The company especially in providing tailor-made Itineraries for a variety of corporations with flexible and excellent planning. National Arts Travel pursues to offer high-quality services and personalized products. Apart from general travel tour, National Arts Travel has also hosted a series of special tours for honour guest with a unique travel experience.

Foshan City and Xiqiao Mountain Projects

a) Xiqiao Mountain is the birthplace of Wong Tai Sin, a legend religious from Hong Kong. There are numerous tourist attractions such as Nanhai Guanyin, Huang Feihong‘s hometown, Luzhou Village, Huang Fei HongLion Arts Martial Arts Hall, Baofeng Temple. Sifangzhu, Tingyin Lake, Jiujiang Steamed Wine Museum, Nanhai Museum, etc.

b) Foshan City‘s nearby attractions include Zumiao Temple, Lingnan Xintiandi, Huang Feihong Memorial Hall, Fengjian water town, Qinghui Garden, Namfong Guzao, Songtang Hanlin Village, etc.

c) National Arts Studio and National Art Resort Hotel, located at the 5A national scenic area in Xiqiao. The project has invested over 16 billion dollars and covered 677000 sq meter area, which is the first massive project that combines leisure, film shooting base and theme park for tourist, businessmen, families and visitors. National Arts Studio and National Arts Resort Hotel have owned the “China‘s Best Featured Tourism Resort”, “2017 Resort Hotel Award (Golden Pearl)”, “Ctrip Best Reputation Resort Hotel Award”, “Nanhai Traveler‘s Award - Group Champion”, “Hong Kong Skyyer Travel Award - Grand Brand of Theme Park”.

Independent Tour Business

National Arts Travel organizes and provides customized tour group regardless of whether customers who are either institutions or individual customers. National Arts Travel can arrange an appropriate itinerary, accommodation and meals for customers according to their preferences. National Arts Travel has also designed a variety of itinerary for the season, festival, subject and culture to fulfil whichever demands from customers.

Honeymoon and Wedding Arrangements

National Arts Travel provides wedding packages for customers with creative ideas and professional services. The wedding package includes but not limited to traditional wedding coordination, event coordination, honeymoon tour, wedding veil, makeup and photography service. National Arts Travel has freshly launched the overseas wedding photography package to the new couple. The purpose of National Arts Travel is to offer quality products and services to every customer, their relatives and friends.

Tour of China Sights

National Arts Travel has developed tours from Foshan city to other places in China such as Jiangnan Watertown.

Worldwide Hotel and Air-ticket booking Service

To improve the competitiveness, National Arts Travel has imported an ordering system in 2018 for worldwide flight ticket and hotel booking services.

Cruise Tour

National Arts Travel has latest launched the cruise tour in 2018, the customers can travel on a luxury cruise and tour over the world. That can also taste delicacies provided by famous chefs.

Travel Insurance and related product and services

NA Travel has extended the additional service to travel insurance, visa and transportation service. NA Travel will continuity increase our services to different related products and aim to become an absolute impeccable travel agency.

Study Tour, Exchange Program and Progression Services

NA Travel has recently coordinated with well-known travel groups that provide study tour, exchange program and progression services to some colleges who targeted at Hong Kong market and so teenagers organization in the mainland.

Skyyer Travel

In 2018, the Hong Kong Tourism Association approved the establishment of subsidiary “Skyyer Travel”, it presents a fresh brand image and slogan “What Travel mean is…….you decide to go and take action!”. Skyyer Travel is professionally designed “Tailor-made a tours for sport, hobby and industry” and invited various celebrities to lead and direct in different tours. Moreover, Skyyer Travel is researching more special and exclusive tourist attraction with specific subjects, such product includes, golf, yoga, bicycle, darts, painting, dragon boat, diving, photography, religion, music, goodies marathon, etc.