Corporate Overview

National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Limited (Listed Code: 8228) has been a top international company with its business focusing on Xiqiao National Arts Studio, film production, cinema, artiste management, hotel, tourism, wedding photography and so on. National Arts proceeded to the film and television entertainment market in 2008, with China and Hong Kong as its major target markets. In addition to that, National Arts has committed to promoting the development of the cultural industry. Diversified business and innovative ideas have made the Group influential in various fields and ensured the Group’s leading position in entertainment and tourism business in Guangdong Province.

Xiqiao National Arts Studio, located in Xiqiao Mountain, the 5A level scenic spots, which is strongly being promoted by the Group. The Guangdong Provincial Government is launching the "Guangdong Hollywood Plan" which will provide film and television producers with project subsidies, rental subsidies and other concessions, hoping to create Foshan as the largest film and television base in southern China. "Xiqiao National Arts Studio", one of the main participants of the program, is bound to benefit from the program.

The Group is also actively expanding the mainland market. In 2016, "National Arts Group Holdings Limited” and "Dream Riders (Beijing) Media & Culture Ltd" jointly launched “Dragon Flyer (Foshan) Movies & Media Limited" in Beijing. With the huge funds investment and the integration of strong resources from "Xiqiao National Arts Studio", Dragon Flyer will continue to launch high-quality film and television culture programs and serve the domestic and international audience through the Internet, TV, cinema, games and other different platforms.