Our Days In 6E

Our Days In 6E is a movie tells the story of a group of pupils, some of whom are non-ethnic-Chinese from South Asian, some of whom are new immigrants from the Mainland China and some of whom are local misbehaving students. By describing the contradictions between teachers and students, racial conflicts and family disputes, the movie puts ethnic harmony, family relationship and youth difficulty in spotlight.

Our Days In 6E is also a movie which donates all its box office profits to a charity supporting ethnic minority in Hong Kong. We hope that the movie can spread a positive message to the public to break down the racial and ethnic barriers, promoting social inclusion.

Foshan Children’s Welfare Association Charity Summer Camp
9 Jul 2018 (Mon)

Xiqiao National Arts Studio was freely opened to 35 kids who are living in impoverished single-parent families and participated in the Foshan Children’s Welfare Association Charity Summer Camp. Children played amusement rides, virtual reality games, haunted houses and enjoyed their time in the studio.

Due to the enthusiasm of supporting the public charity, a certificate of appreciation is given to the Studio by Gao Weizhen, the chairman of Foshan Children’s Welfare Association.

Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Visit 2018
18 Sep 2018 (Tue)

The autumn of this year, more than 30 staff in our company established a volunteer group, visiting different charity groups in Foshan. They went to special education centre, Hearing and Speech Therapy Centre and Xiqiao Disability United and gave them 500 mooncakes and condolence letters. By playing games and watching shows together, we all had a joyful time for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Nanhai District Feihong Social Service Center Charity 2017 Event
15 Sep 2017 (Fri)

On 15th September 2018, a charity event organized by Nanhai District Feihung Social Work Service Centre took place in National Arts Studio. 35 kids who are living in impoverished single-parent families and the staff were free to enter the Studio.

The Service Centre highly appreciated our Studio for supporting the charity event, widen the poor children’s horizon and giving them a delighted weekend.

National Arts Dragon Boat Festival Charity Event 2017
25 May 2017 (Thu)

Xiqiao National Arts Studio and National Arts Resort Hotel formed a group of volunteers, making 2000 rice dumplings and digestion-aiding tea to the elderly and children with disabilities, celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival together.