Environmental Friendly
Low Carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP)

The business industry was the largest energy consumer. As we are a member of the business industry, we are trying to reduce the carbon emission. At the end of 2018, The Group joined the Low Carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP), we accurately calculate the emission from our office through comprehensive tools of LOOP. According to the result, we are about to establish an action to effectively enhance our office operation. We aspire to lower the carbon footprint gradually in the future and to achieve environment sustainably.

Protect the Ocean Together
The Marine litter research and Clear Action
14 Dec 2018 (Fri)

After the typhoon “Mangosteen”, many of marine litter have left at ecological areas, which is affecting the ecosystem. In order to protect the precious ecological area in Hong Kong, National Arts management team and staff have visited the Tai Po Yuen Chau Tsai eco-park to conduct research with remaining litter and cleared up the beach. We understood that it is not possible to carry out all marine litter in only one action, more than that we hope to encourage our staff to reduce the litter by better practices of using less plastic products in their daily life and purpose to protect the ecosystem and ocean.

Office Carbon Reduction Measures and the “Green Office Charter”

In 2018, the Group has implemented the office carbon reduction initiatives from energy conservation, waste reduction, reuse and recycling and promotion of environmental awareness. The Group has also encouraged the employees to participate in company‘s “Green Office Charter”.

“Carbon Audit ‧Green Partner”

In order to fulfill environmental sustainability, we have planned to conduct the annual Carbon Audit starting from next year. We are collecting data for the Carbon Audit which helps to identify areas of improvement and reduce carbon emissions from the office. On the other hand, we have joined “Carbon Audit ‧Green Partner” by signing the Carbon Reduction Charter to carry out activities in support of GHG emission reduction.