Corporate Activities

Dark Night Walking Experience The Orbis Moonwalkers 2018
10 Nov 2018 (Sat)

Medical resources are extremely limited in poor countries, many of the patients are being blinded by not receiving treatment. In order to support Obris action in helping people who are visually impaired or have untreated eye conditions, The Group clumped 23 staff to join the Orbis Moonwalkers 2018. On 10 November 2018, our staff wore nostalgic clothing and dressed like a moonwalker to walk in the darkness. The race started at Shatin and we walked 20 kilometers to Tai Mei Tak. On the way, our staff experienced the blindfold walk and challenges of physical and mental conditions through their teamwork and determination. Finally, they spent 5 hours to finish the race. In conclusion, The Orbis Moonwalkers is a meaningful experience and it also gives support to visually impaired patients to restore their sights.